Many different types of reasoning and strategies go into deciding where you will base your business. However, once this decision has been made, there is a high chance that targeting local customer will be a priority.

    In some industries, and for some businesses, their main customer base will be those who live and work nearby. So with this in mind, what are the most effective ways to reach these people. How can a restaurant convince locals to try out their place, and not go to their usual spot?  How can store convince Saturday shoppers to stop by, and not head straight to the places they already know? How can you, no matter what your business offers, take these locals and turn them into paying, loyal and happy customers?

    Here is one idea; local franchise marketing. A good company who offer these services won’t just employ one marketing strategy, but several. Plus, each one they go ahead and employ will be relevant and proven to be effective for your audience. Digital marketing is a big part of this and goes for things like optimizing your web page and digital presence as it already stands. They will also introduce to the complex but highly rewarding world of Search Engine Optimization. This is all about making sure that your brands, company or business appears when people are searching Google. They can also introduce you to Pay Per Click, which allows you to advertise on sites like Google. Why is this so effective? Because you only pay to display your advert when a local person has searched terms relating to your business. This means you only spend money on people already likely to convert into customers. These methods of digital marketing work whether your business is a franchise or not. Like it or not, the internet now hold much power. The future for many of us is online.

    On the topic of online, how is your social media presence? Getting on locals Facebook walls and Twitter newsfeed is invaluable. Why? Because it puts you on their phones, in the homes, into their minds as they commute or relax or socialize. Having profiles on social media sites also allows you to run your own competitions. You can also let people know about special offers instore or online. One more bonus; you’re in total control of the content that gets put out there.

    Another idea; get somebody out onto the street, flyering your business. Sure, people might not want to take a boring, blank flyer. But they might want to take a flyer with a money-off coupon attached. They might take one in exchange for trying out a product you offer. They might approach your flyerer if he is doing something different or exciting! Think outside the box. Give people something to walk away with both physically and mentally. If they remember you mentally, they will talk to their friends, family and colleagues about the company later. If they remember you by something they’ve taken away, they will have a point of reference. They may check out your social media sites, or visit your website.


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