New York, January 02, 2019: Market Research Engine has published a new report titled asDistributed Generation Market by Technology (Solar PV, Wind, Reciprocating Engines, Microturbines, Fuel Cells, Gas Turbines), Application (On-Grid, Off-Grid), End-User (Industrial, Commercial, Residential), By Region, Market Analysis Report, Forecast 2018-2024.”

    The Distributed Generation Market is expected to exceed more than US$ 5.5 Billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 5.7%.

    Distributed energy generation is outlined because the power generation at the purpose of consumption. Distributed generation generates power by utilizing varied technologies such as solar photovoltaic, wind turbines, CHP (combined heat and power), reciprocator engines, small turbines, and fuel cells so as to produce on-site power to shoppers. Distributed energy generation systems give clean power by means that of renewable technologies like solar photovoltaic and wind turbines together with energy storage systems so as to produce clean electricity to customers. Distributed energy generation systems supported renewable energy are proving useful in providing low value and clean energy to the population living in bad-grid and off-grid areas.

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    Global Distributed Generation Market is segmented based on the technology as Solar PV, Fuel Cells, Reciprocating Engines, Wind, Micro Turbines, Gas Turbines and Others. The report segments global Distributed Generation Market based on application as On-Grid and Off-Grid. Based on end-user it covers Industrial and Commercial. Global Distributed Generation Market report covers various regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of World. The regional Distributed Generation Market is further bifurcated for major countries including U.S., Canada, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China, India, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and others.

    Competitive Rivalry

    Global Distributed Generation Market share consists of several players including Rolls-Royce Power Systems, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Caterpillar Power Plants, Ballard Power Systems, and Bloom Energy.

    The Distributed Generation Market has been segmented as below:

    Distributed Generation Market, By Technology

    • Solar PV
    • Fuel Cells
    • Reciprocating Engines
    • Wind
    • Micro Turbines
    • Gas Turbines
    • Others

    Distributed Generation Market, By Application

    • On-Grid
    • Off-Grid

    Distributed Generation Market, By End-User

    • Industrial
    • Commercial

    Distributed Generation Market, By Region

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • Rest of World

    The report covers:

    • Global Distributed Generation Market estimates & forecast from 2015 to 2024, with CAGR for 2018-2024.
    • Comparative market size analysis for 2017 & 2024, with actual data for 2017, estimates for 2018 and forecast from 2019 to 2024
    • Global Distributed Generation Market trends, with detailed analysis on consumer trends & manufacturer trends
    • Overview on supply analysis covering trends across raw material suppliers, technology providers and distributors
    • Key areas of investments identifying market opportunities and challenges in forecast timeframe
    • Competitive analysis of the industry players along with the overview on strategic management
    • Comprehensive company profiles of the major industry players

    Report scope:

    The global Distributed Generation Market report covers detailed study with the underlying influencing factors for the variations in the industry growth trends.

    The report scope includes market analysis on regional as well as country level. The report also provides competitive landscape covering company market shares with detailed profiling for major revenue contributing companies.

    The report covers a detailed competitive outlook including the market share and company profiles of the key participants operating in the global market. Key players profiled in the report include Rolls-Royce Power Systems, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Caterpillar Power Plants, Ballard Power Systems, and Bloom Energy.

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    • Gain comprehensive insights on the industry trends
    • Identify industry opportunities and key growth segments
    • Obtain complete market study on the Distributed Generation Market
    • Facilitate strategy planning for your company based on the industry dynamics
    • Evaluate your competitor’s business segments and portfolios

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    Table of Contents:

    1.  Introduction
    2.  Research Methodology
    3.  Executive Summary
    4.  Market Overview
       4.1.    Introduction
      4.2.    Drivers
      4.3.    Restraints
      4.4.    Opportunities
      4.5.    Challenges
    5.  Distributed Generation Market, By Technology
    6.  Distributed Generation Market, By Application
    7.  Distributed Generation Market, By End-User
    8.  Competitive Landscape
    9.  Company Profile
       9.1.    General Electric
      9.1.1.    Company Overview
      9.1.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.1.3.    Financial Overview
      9.1.4.    Recent Developments
      9.2.    Schneider Electric
      9.2.1.    Company Overview
      9.2.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.2.3.    Financial Overview
      9.2.4.    Recent Developments
      9.3.    Ansaldo Energia
      9.3.1.    Company Overview
      9.3.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.3.3.    Financial Overview
      9.3.4.    Recent Developments
      9.4.    Fuelcell Energy
      9.4.1.    Company Overview
      9.4.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.4.3.    Financial Overview
      9.4.4.    Recent Developments
      9.5.    Bloom Energy
      9.5.1.    Company Overview
      9.5.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.5.3.    Financial Overview
      9.5.4.    Recent Developments
      9.6.    Flexenergy
      9.6.1.    Company Overview
      9.6.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.6.3.    Financial Overview
      9.6.4.    Recent Developments
      9.7.    Bergey
      9.7.1.    Company Overview
      9.7.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.7.3.    Financial Overview
      9.7.4.    Recent Developments
      9.8.    Capstone
      9.8.1.    Company Overview
      9.8.2.    Product/Service Landscape
      9.8.3.    Financial Overview
      9.8.4.    Recent Developments

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