London, March 2018 – Crypto Elite Club IBC, a private group of individual investors that share crypto trading signals on a daily basis, proudly announces the release of its ICO platform. The launch is scheduled on the 12th of March 2018.

    “If you’re looking for smart investment opportunities and want to join a team of expert investors for better returns, this is your time – with only a few days before we go live, it’s your opportunity to become an Elite Club member now and get a free lifetime access to the private Elite Club,” Max Neuhaus, CEO of Crypto Elite Club IBC said.

    Elite Club is a private club of individual investors with access to daily crypto trading signals. Proven and  trusted for accuracy, its dedicated and custom trading software analyzes the market and picks the signals for better investment returns.

    The signals are manually researched, which undergo robust technical analysis, news monitoring and alert and momentum tracking. Members could then verify the signals and results in the public group, which allows a two-way seamless communication and information sharing system.

    Maximizing returns in an ICO

    Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009 of what would become the first successful implementation of the blockchain, many other cryptocurrencies have emerged and taken a share of the market cap share.

    Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become a fad among venture capitalists by exceeding funding expectations in 2017 alone. Trading, however, can be risky given the market’s volatility and increase in cases of fraudulent ICOs.

    With the need for more comprehensive guidance on crypto trading from experts, Crypto Elite Club IBC has positioned itself as a market intelligence disruptor through its latest platform.

    The group initially started with news and trading signals for a group of crypto investors and has eventually ventured into offering an exclusive platform for its ICO investing members.

    Members can share and discuss information, grade ICOs, and join ICOs as a pool in private sale. However, only such ICOs which after a detailed analysis and tracking show a minimum of 10x growth or return potential will be shared.

    In terms of private sale participation, the group will establish the contacts and deals with ICOs to allow investors to easily join in such sales.

    The smart contract will not only make investments secured and transparent but also avoid the risk of being whitelisted. With a mix of short-term (crypto trading signals) and mid- to long-term (ICO signals), Elite club offers enhanced security and best trading opportunities to its members.

    Extended discounted fee

    Before the system goes live, Elite Club members are still entitled to a discounted fee of only 0.4 ETH – a one-time payment that entitles them to avail of the following:

    • daily accurate trading signals notified through Telegram on a member’s smartphone
    • information on ICO signals from the online platform
    • participation in combined investments in the investment pool contract
    • lifetime access to Elite Club

    Average return for Elite Club members is estimated at 105%+.

    New members after the platform launch will be paying 1 ETH and a monthly recurring fee of 0.1 ETH thereafter.

    About Crypto Elite Club IBC: Crypto Elite Club IBC is an exclusive club of individual crypto investors that receive daily information on trading signals from its in-house professional trading experts. The London-based firm also offers crowdsourced grading and market intelligence on ICOs. For more information on how to avail of the discounted membership on Crypto Elite Club IBC, visit