The good folks at Crypto Elite Club IBC are ringing the bells that their ICO platform will now be assessable by the entire public after a beta version was unveiled exclusively for Elite members a while back.

    The Crypto Elite Club IBC platform will reportedly be a seamless stomping ground for ICO companies and virtually all who patronize the crypt space in a bid to make some money, transact securely or gain some crypto-education.

    Now, they enjoin the public to join in their ICO platform. A platform where the ICO pool is a committed set of individuals with valuable experience in the crypto industry. The platform is suggestively going to serve as a one-stop solution for the crypto faithful; a platform where users can interact with each other to get better value for their involvement.

    When quizzed about the journey so far, a representative of the company, Max Neuhaus of Crypto Elite Club IBC, said, “We have worked hard to develop this added value for our elite club members. With our strong drive and a good team we like to set the alarm every morning to develop a complete one-stop shop for our crypto investors. We feel that this is our right to exist.”

    Users of the ICO platform will be in line to enjoy an accurate custom trading software, share and discuss ICO signals that show a minimum of 10x growth. Everyone is apparently in for a profit with their ICO platform. Of course, ample security is not left out of their thoughts. With smart contracts, users can make more secured and transparent investments.

    More perks come with being an Elite Club member. Away from basic ICO benefits, access to the best trading signals every day with notifications by Telegram via smartphone is a no-brainer, but only as an Elite Club member, where users are guaranteed to enjoy as much as 105%+ returns on investment.

    Part of the benefits of being an Elite Club member is an unlimited access to company’s ICO investment poolsthat have been reportedly set to commence next week. There are a lot more perks to look out for including a crypto wallet for Elite Club members. Crypto Elite Club is on course to becoming a crypto fortress by the time all major projects have been established by the ICO pools.

    For more detailed information about Crypto Elite Club IBC, please visit

    Company Name: Crypto Elite Club

    Address: 160 City Rd, Islington · London, EC1V 2N

    Country: United Kingdom

    Contact details( phone number and email): +31621892826 E:

    Contact person Full Name: Max Neuhaus