Regardless of your alignment as a swing trader or day trader, keeping in touch and tracking your cryptocurrency investment can be a tiring task. When you are dealing with the domains of cryptocurrency, you ought to understand your numbers too. A lot many investors have been keeping up with the trade market and investing money in the same without even understanding the overall profit or loss they have been facing.

    If you have been planning on becoming some pro trader in cryptocurrency, you need to have a tracker that is way better than your plain old excel sheets. You need something that can be quick and smooth with precision to analyze and assess your portfolio and get going with the decision of buying or selling any asset. Well, your prayers have been answered as here we are with an easy and user-friendly app that helps keep track of the profit or loss via a cryptocurrency portfolio.

    Let us first understand what KryptoGraphe is.

    KryptoGraphe Defined:

    With new apps emerging in the market now and then, KryptoGraphe has managed to establish a strong hold over the domain of cryptocurrency portfolio management. This new tracker app for cryptocurrency portfolio has its very own wallet manager with can easily be integrated with all your exchange accounts for the cryptocurrency. This app provides well-detailed insights into your portfolio’s performance.

    KryptoGraphe is the perfect choice for investment tracking which is easier as well as effective as compared to any other application in the market. The app has been designed with new proactive features that include elements such as FIFO accounting, insights for portfolio performance, metrics tracking, dashboard, news updates that are regular and last but not the least overall assessment of CoinMarketCap Top 10 current stats.

    KryptoGraphe Features:

    KryptoGraphe has been designed to cater to a wide range of audience located in different parts of the globe. The app comes with five official languages with more on the way. The app flaunts a well-defined management system for your portfolio along with a detailed ranking of your portfolio by the growth, loss, profit, or decline rate.

    App users can also analyze and compare their performance by the top investors in cryptocurrency which is about 25 percent of the total population of investors. You can gather a country-wise performance analysis or comparison with portfolios that are similar to yours in size and so on.

    With the use of KryptoGraphe, you can aim for a better position by understanding your flaws in investment or strategy planning. You are regularly updated with the latest news from all over the world when using KryptoGraphe. The app informs you of all the updates happening in the world of cryptocurrency along with the enterprise blockchain world.

    You get information that includes market capitalization for bitcoin or altcoins along with the daily percentage change. Users get the analysis of trade volume on a regular basis. If you are planning on creating a portfolio for the cryptocurrency, make sure you pick KryptoGraphe to keep it easy and simple.

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