The latest introduction to the world of cryptocurrency management is an app named KryptoGraphe. This app not only lets you integrate all the cryptocurrency exchange accounts you hold while enabling auto-sync for your portfolio. One does not need to enter all the transaction details manually.

    Not just that, KryptoGraphe helps you get well-detailed insights with meaningful analysis for your portfolio performance. KryptoGraphe isn’t the everyday app that makes you work to initiate any change. KryptoGraphe is your go-to application designed to be used on various platforms which include Android and iOS.

    The domain reigned by KryptoGraphe

    With the coin market and its rates changing with every passing day and sometimes even minutes, keeping track of the same requires your total attention which can sometimes be impossible given your work schedule. This gets especially tough when you start investing in numerous variations of currency. Deciding if you are losing or earning depends on how well you track your investments and proceeding at the cryptocurrency platform.


    Portfolio Management:   

    With KryptoGraphe as your savior, you get an in-depth view of the position maintained by your portfolio in comparison with all others in the competitive market. You get a full-fledged analysis of the profit or loss faced by your portfolio along with the growth percentage and decline of the same as well. The services rendered by KryptoGraphe are effortless and quick with regards to the elements of cryptocurrency domain which includes the exchange rate, coin, and period.

    Relative Performance:

    KryptoGraphe allows you to analyze your portfolio with regards to the performance against any other investor in the cryptocurrency platform. This helps you understand your position in the vast domain and helps you figure out the mistakes to correct the same for better future. You get the chance to compare your portfolio performance with any investor belonging to your country or the top 25 percent of the investors. You can also compare your portfolio with the ones that are similar to yours but with better performance.

    Percentile Score:

    KryptoGraphe is designed to show your portfolio ranking and performance with regards to the growth as well as the percentile. Learn how profitable or deprecating your overall portfolio rank is with regards to the major ones in the competition.

    Updated Information:

    Apart from profile assessment for cryptocurrency management, KryptoGraphe also provides the latest insights into the changes seen by the crypto-market. You get instant knowledge about any change in the elements dominating the digital currency market. KryptoGraphe has a team of curators that bring the latest updates and news with posts ranging from 3 to 5 each day.

    Market Information:

    Cryptocurrency portfolio holders can use KryptoGraphe to understand the latest capitalization occurring in the market with regards to Altcoins and Bitcoin. You also get insights into the percentage of change occurring every day along with the trade volume. You can also create the watch list of your favorite coins that you need be stay updated about.

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