Cash is king. He who doesn’t know how to manage his cash will lose. You might have a hundred or even a million bucks to your name, but at the end of the day, it’s all about how you spend your money that counts. Manage your cash or go bankrupt. There are a hundred and one ways that you can save money, but it starts with trimming down your expenses. Here are tips on how you can begin right now to save money by cutting your bills.

    1. Calculate Your Credit Cards’ Interest

    The best way to reduce your compounding credit cards’ interest is to pay for your groceries in cash. Calculate your accumulating monthly interest and pay in full every single time. Shop around for the card with the least monthly interest rate. Avail of zero percent balance transfer options and compare card charges. Doing these simple tricks can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

    2. Cut Your Cable and Landline

    Do you need that hundred dollar HD cable service? Why spend that much money on TV when there are lots of web streaming services at your fingertips? Instead of paying for your subscriptions individually, you can avail of cheaper bundled cable TV and landline services. Better yet, if you can live without your cable and landline, then cut it.

    3. Trim Your Phone Plan

    Are you paying a fortune for your unlimited call and text feature? Would you instead use Wi-Fi and WhatsApp for your daily calls? Do you binge-watch TV on your mobile device? If that’s the case, then better switch to a plan that gives you unlimited data option at a fraction of the usual price and pair it with an affordable and cutting-edge smartphone like the Apple iPhone 5c.

    4. Cancel Your Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

    Do you have enough time to read all that magazines and newspapers that come in the mail? Save money on magazine subscriptions by looking out for deals and by cancelling your auto-renew options. If you are a regular reader, opt instead for an electronic subscription. It’s a win-win as you save money and trees at the same time.

    5. Don’t Let the Energy Vampires Suck Your Wallet Dry

    You can immediately lower your next month’s electricity bill by pulling out all those plugs. Entertainment, heating and cooling appliances are energy vampires. These items suck out electricity 24/7 even when they are turned off. If pulling out all those plugs every night is too much work, then you can install a programmable thermostat, power strips and timers to cut them off like clockwork.

    6. Use Public Transportation and Carpool

    Owning a vehicle is like having a high maintenance girlfriend. Aside from the cost of gas, there are expenses for maintenance, parking and insurance. Better take the bus or get an Uber so you can go to work cheap and easy.

    7. Stockpile and Plan

    You can save on your monthly grocery expenses by stockpiling on non-perishable items. Don’t pay full price when you can instead get these items discounted in bulk. Make a shopping list and stick to it. Buy foods in season. Stay away from pre-packaged meals. Choose to cook at home and minimize eating out except during special occasions.

    Cutting your monthly bills begins with discipline. Make these small choices right now. Your wallet will thank you later.