In business, there are times when you can see you’re losing money. Sometimes you just need to get cash fast, and other times it will be a bigger decision and movement to get the funds needed to keep your business afloat.

    Here are five ways to do just that:

    1| Get a Loan

    A large loan will take a while to process; you will need a business plan and a way to ensure that you, or your company, will be able to make the repayments. Sites like will inform you of the intricacies of loans; you can take out a personal loan, or a business loan – just remember that a personal loan will be on your head, even if you only use if for your business.

    2| Bring in a Pro

    Bringing in a financial pro might help you to get any errant finances under control. It’s surprising how many businesses don’t properly track invoices and payments. A professional, and an outsider will be able to get everything under control. But don’t be disillusioned – this may not be a cure, just a diagnosis. Either way, understanding your business finances is one of the most important parts of your job – an outsider might find it easier to see any leaks or patterns than someone who is bombarded by the same figures every day. And a pro will be able to see where cuts can be achieved, and where compromises need to be made.

    3| Outsource

    As much as everyone hates firing, outsourcing roles, and causing redundancies might be the only avenue open to you. If can be far cheaper to use freelancers and second parties, it can also be trickier to keep track of. Having your employees under one roof, and abiding by your rules can be a lot simpler than negotiating a handful of different contacts and getting to grips with different company policies. Visit Entrepreneur for the current top freelancers.

    4| Merge

    Merging with another company, one that compliments your existing business, or even a competitor, might be what it takes to save your business. Not only that, but it might be a way in which your company can grow. Be careful when negotiating a merger – you don’t want to end up with the raw end of the deal, but still be mindful of your situation.

    5| Sell

    No one wants to consider it, but the last option might be to sell off your company. Or to break it up and sell it in parts. No business owner wants to say goodbye to their baby, but it might just be the thing that saves it from disappearing altogether. You can sell it outright, sell a chunk off or just sell assets. However you do it, understand the process thoroughly so that you can get the best deals. CNBC outlines the steps you need to take to sell your business.